Terms and Conditions

1. Scope and use of the subscription

These terms and conditions govern the rights and obligations in connection with the use of the services of Jephi.com and other national internet LTDs provided by Jens Reichert und Philip Schwab Medien und Systeme GER, Rudolf-Breitscheid-Straße 18, 04425 Taucha – hereafter Jephi. The services of jephi.com include – but are not limited to – the website, Jephi application, blog, news mail and help section.

The subscription grants the Customer (i.e. the legal entity that has signed up for the subscription) the right to use the Jephi time tracking and accounting system (from now on referred to as “the System”).

The subscription may not be used by, or for data processing for, other people or organizations than the Customer.

Jephi is a B2B application and only registered companies are entitled to sign up for a subscription

2. Acceptance of the subscription

By signing up for the services provided under jephi.com, you accept the Subscription Terms („the Terms“) as outlined below.

3. Duration and termination of the subscription

Jephi offers free and paid subscriptions.

The subscription commences from the date the Customer signs up for Jephi on the website. The subscription may be cancelled any time in the application.

The paid subscriptions commence the day the Customer places an order for one of the paid plans in the application and runs for one month at a time. At the end of the month, the subscription will automatically be renewed for another month unless cancelled by the Customer. You can cancel your paid subscription permanently in the application.

For the paid subscriptions, payment is made for one month and the Customer will not be entitled to a refund for that billing if he decides to cancel before the end of the period.

The Customer may test a paid subscription for a trial period as specified on the website free of charge and at no consequence without having to enter any payment information.

Jephi shall (without prejudice to any other rights or remedies it may have) be allowed to cancel the subscription immediately without giving the Customer prior notice, if the System or subscription is misused (including – but not limited to – use by, or for data processing for, other people or organizations).


4. Price and payment terms

Current prices can be found on https://www.jephi.com/#/preise. Prices, rates and subscription types in force from time to time can be found on Jephi’s  website and may be subject to change with reasonable notice.

The first invoicing period runs from the date when the Customer places the first order and one month ahead and is automatically renewed for every month at a time.

Payment is made for one month upfront via PayPal or electronic direct debiting scheme.

Jephi will not be responsible for any loss, damage, costs, expenses or other claims of the Customer or any third party resulting from the suspension of the System.

The Customer agrees to the use of email (using an email address specified by the Customer) or another electronic method of transmission as the medium for sending invoices and reminders.

5. Customer data

The Customer owns and may use their data stored in the System at their own discretion.

Customer data will be deleted at the expiry of the subscription and cannot be recovered hereafter.

6. Taxes

All prices are displayed without VAT. International customers outside of the EU and customers in the EU with valid EU VAT ID will not be charged VAT.

7. Operating stability

Jephi aims to provide the highest possible degree of operating stability, but is not responsible for any breakdown caused by factors beyond its control.

Such breakdowns include – but are not limited to – power failures, errors occurring in modem equipment, ADSL connections, and telecommunications connections or similar.

In all events, Jephi aims to re-establish normal operations as quickly as possible.

8. Maintenance of the System

Jephi is entitled to make operational changes to the System for improvements or otherwise (for example by developing or replacing technical equipment, maintenance or updating software) without giving the Customer prior notice.

In some circumstances, it may be necessary to suspend access to the System, usually between 09 pm and 05 am CET. Notice of such a suspension will be given to the Customer in advance if possible. Jephi will not be responsible for any consequences of such a suspension.

9. Rights

The System is protected by copyright and remains the full property of Jens Reichert und Philip Schwab Medien und Systeme Germany.

Individually customised software relating to the System also remains the property of Jephi unless otherwise stipulated.

Except as provided above, the rights and obligations under this agreement may not be transferred to any third party without the written consent of the other party.

10. Liability of Jephi

Jephi has taken reasonable measures to ensure that the System is virus-free, but no warranty is provided that the System is free from infection from viruses or similar, and Jephi shall have no liability, if this is not the case.

To the extent permitted by German law, Jephi disclaims all warranties with respect to the System, either express or implied, including – but not limited to – any implied warranties of suitability or fitness for any particular purpose.

Jephi shall not be liable for any third-party solutions which are available and/or integrated with the System, including bank feeds and currency feeds/calculators. Jephi shall thus not be liable for the accuracy, completeness, quality or reliability of the information or results obtained through such third-party solutions.

Similarly, Jephi shall not be liable for the availability, security and functionality of third-party solutions, including any damages and/or loss which may arise from the use of third-party solutions.

Jephi  shall not be liable to the Customer for any loss or damage caused (including business interruption) arising directly or indirectly, except to the extent that such liability may not be lawfully excluded under the applicable law.

Except for death or personal injury caused by negligence of Jephi, its employees, agents or authorized representatives, for which no limit applies, Jephi’s liability will be limited to the lesser of the value of payments made by the Customer for the period of 12 months before the occurrence of the incident giving rise to the liability or €1,000 (one thousand Euro).

11. Data Protection and Confidentiality

The Customer confirms that they are authorized to instruct Jephi to process any such information and that all instructions given will be lawfully.

Jephi is bound by secrecy in respect of any information received about the Customer and will not disclose such information to any third party, except where it is required to do so by any court or regulatory authority and in that case only to the extent necessary.

Jephi has taken the necessary technical and organizational security measures to prevent system information from being accidentally or illegally destroyed, lost or wasted and to prevent such information from falling into the hands of any unauthorized party or from being misused or otherwise treated in a way which is contrary to the Data Protection Act.

The Customer agrees that a copy of the bank certificate issued to the Customer by its bank may be stored in Jephi’s database and an external database.

The Customer also agrees that data retrieved from the Customer’s bank via a bank feed is stored in the System.

12. Entire Agreement

These Terms and the subscription contain the entire agreement between the parties and supersede all previous correspondence or communications whether written or verbal.

Jephi may amend these Terms and conditions as required from time to time. In that case, all such amendments will automatically apply to the next renewal of the subscription.

13. Disputes

These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Germany, and the Courts of Germany shall have exclusive jurisdiction to determine any dispute concerning these Terms or their subject matter.

14. Change of Terms and Conditions

Jephi may update these Terms and Conditions from time to time. The current version of the Terms and Conditions in force are available on Jephi’s website. Jephi shall endeavor to provide reasonable notice of any changes by posting such changes on the web site. Further use of the Application after any change to the Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to be acceptance of such Terms and Conditions. It is the Customer’s responsibility to check the website regularly to keep updated on any changes to these Terms and Conditions.


Privacy policy

1. About the collection, use and protection of your personal data when you use jephi.com

When you visit jephi.com, we automatically collect information about your visit. This includes which pages you click on, if you’ve visited this website before as well as which website or search engine you used to get to our pages.

The information we gather from your visit is not personal and cannot be used to identify you as a person in any way. We use this information to monitor how people use jephi.com.

Below, you can read about how we gather information from your visit, why we do it and how your data is protected.

2. Automatically collected data

Every time you visit jephi.com, we automatically collect data about your visit. This includes:

– Which pages you visit
– Whether you have visited the website before
– Which website you came from
– How long you stayed on the page
– The IP address of your visit
– Your operating system and which browser type and version you’re using
– Whether your PC supports JavaScript and Flash
– Your language, country and zone/city

The data is collected using cookies, so-called „web beacons“ and log files. Most websites or online media collect this type of data, so this is standard practice.

3. Why do we collect data about your visit?

We use the non-personal data from cookies, web beacons and log files to learn how you use our websites.

We monitor which pages users consider more or less interesting. This helps us to further develop and improve our websites, making them more user-friendly and -relevant.

We use data collected about tendencies and user behavior both internally and publicly for marketing purposes, such as tendency reports based on figures from visitor statistics. This kind of data is collected for all or larger groups of visitors. Again, they do not contain any information which can identify you personally.

If you are registered as a user of the Jephi time tracking software, cookies are also used to prefill the log-in fields.

5. How is my personal data protected?

The personal data we collect is stored in a secure environment and treated confidentially. Access to this data is limited to selected Jephi employees and suppliers.

We do our utmost to secure your data in the best possible way, but we cannot guarantee the safety of your data, when they are transferred over the Internet. When data is transferred over the Internet, there is a certain risk that others can access them illicitly. In other words, the safety of your data transfer is your own responsibility.

Your data is not disclosed to any third party without your permission, unless legislative authorities require that they be delivered.



Terms of use and copyright information


1. Copyright of material

Unless otherwise specified, all material on jephi.com is copyright © by Jephi. The material may not be used without the prior written consent of Jephi or any third party involved in the design of the website.

2. Conditions for using of jephi.com

Jephi provides these websites for your personal use. You may download material from the websites for non-commercial, personal use if you reserve all information about copyright and other proprietary rights in the material.

You may also quote a couple of strings of text from Jephi’s websites without specific permission. When you do, it is under the conditions that you make it clear that the quote is from Jephi and that you do not use the quote out of context or in any way that can be misunderstood.

Also, even if this is not a condition for quoting from Jephi’s websites, please link to the Jephi webpage which you copied the quote from.

Otherwise, you may not distribute, modify, publish, reuse, forward or use the contents of these websites for any public or commercial purpose without the written consent from Jephi. This condition comprises text, pictures, sound, design, graphics and logo.

3. The content you submit

We encourage you to participate in the dialogue going on in our various online media, such as blogs, help section, etc.

The information you submit or send to Jephi is the property of Jephi without any compensation to you. This includes any postings, comments, questions, emails or other data you submit or send.

Jephi is free to use any ideas, know-how, methods or even inventions contained in the information you submit or send, in any way we like.

If you would like your already submitted content deleted or edited, we will most likely follow your request. But we reserve our rights not to.

4. Press material

Content labelled „Press release“ can be used in public communications, if you state the source of information.

5. Changes to the content of our websites

Content on Jephi’s websites will be changed or updated regularly and without notice. If you quote from or link to our websites, be aware that the content you quote or link to might change in the future.

6. Links to third-party websites

We link to third-party websites when we find it relevant. Jephi can, of course, not be held responsible for third-party websites or their content. So please observe the terms of use and copyright information provided by the owner of the third-party website.

Our linking to third-party websites does not automatically imply that Jephi endorses these websites, their content or their products.

7. Limited liability

The contents of jephi.com is provided for your convenience and for your personal use. Everything on the website is provided „as is“, without any warranty, express nor implied.

Jephi cannot be held liable for any direct, indirect or incidental consequential loss or damage as a result of access to or use of the websites.

Likewise, Jephi assumes no liability for and cannot be held liable for any damage to or any viruses which may infect your computer equipment or other property arising from access to or use of these websites or the transfer of material, data, text, pictures or sound from these websites, or originating from these websites.

8. Changes and updates

Jephi may decide to edit these terms and copyright information at any time.