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Time recording. Project management, customer management, invoices and more...


Flexible and userfriendly

Jephi can be used almost anywhere, not only in the office, but also at your customers' premises.

time tracking

Timely and project-specific recording of your working times in the browser and on mobile devices.

project management

Manage your projects, create todos, notes and assign employees to your projects. Create invoices from the project's working hours.

customer management

Manage your customers, assign your projects to the corresponding customers and create customer-specific to-do's or notes.

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Simple and clear design

We've made our Jephi online time recording intuitive and easy for you on all devices - from desktop to tablet to smartphone. You concentrate on the essentials and don't lose any time. You can work either via your browser on desktop / tablet / smartphone or our Android app, which is rated excellent by our users.



Create your account now and test Jephi in the Business Pro version 30 days for free.

Jephi gives you your time back

Jephi tells time guzzlers to fight

Automatic customer information

With Jephi you can automatically send your customers information about current project progress. This reduces your email work to a minimum.

2-Click Project Accounting

Project ready? Create your project account with Jephi in seconds and send it directly to your customer.

Fully automatic monthly invoices

Even more is possible! With Jephi you can automatically bill project working times in weekly, monthly or quarterly cycles. Jephi can even take care of sending mail to your customers.

For whom is Jephi suitable?


Create your account now and test Jephi in the Business Pro version 30 days for free.


Jephi has even more features, here you can see them in detail.

Project management

Manage your open and closed projects. Create notes, organize your tasks, and assign your staff to projects. Upload project-specific files, create a link collection and create invoices directly from the recorded working hours.

  • ToDo's
  • Notes
  • working hours
  • File uploads
  • External links

Customer management

Manage your customers in our small CRM with all customer details, customer specific notes, tasks, project and customer specific data and links. Set up individual and customer-relevant time and billing settings.

  • ToDo's
  • Notes
  • billing preferences
  • statistics

Staff management

Create free accounts for your employees (in the Business Pro version) and assign projects to them. Jephi will create a timesheet for your employees based on the times they have entered. With just a few clicks the timesheet will be included in the project accounting.

  • Create employee account
  • project allocation
  • Create time sheets
  • Assign ToDo's / Task's to your employees


Jephi manages all relevant data for billing and prepares it for you at the push of a button. Based on your recorded projects and working hours, you can immediately create an invoice and send it to your customers by e-mail.

  • invoicing
  • invoice management
  • Sending by eMail

Further features

Project tracking for your customers

Invite your customers to track the project status. This way they can see what you’ve done for them on a daily basis. They can also write comments on the individual project sections, which you reply to. There’s no need for email battles.


The Jephi statistics visualize your success: they show how many hours are actually spent on a project, what your employees did for the customers and for you, what the current invoice status is and how profitable you are.

Sending invoices by e-mail

After a project you want to get the salary for your work and have to write an invoice. Jephi automatically creates invoices directly from your projects and sends them via the Jephi-Mailer via e-mail to your customers. It couldn’t be more time-saving.

Staff chat function

You often have to communicate with your employees in writing because a phone call does not fit, but an e-mail would only inflate the daily volume of messages in your inbox. With Jephi you chat with your employee – project-specific and effective.

Create your account now and test Jephi in the Business Pro version 30 days for free.

Klara explains Jephi

In our little video Klara explains why she uses Jephi.

the poster frame - in the form of a button to make it keyboard accessible

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Project followup
staff management
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